First operation of the LABGENE Control Room

First operation of the LABGENE Control Room

On October 25th, the Technological Center of the Navy in São Paulo (CTMSP) carried out the first operation of the Nuclear Power Generation Laboratory (LABGENE) Control Room, with operators of the Aramar Nuclear Training and Instruction Center (CIANA). LABGENE – an essential part of the Navy Nuclear Program (PNM) – is the prototype, on land, of the nuclear plant of the future submarine with Brazilian nuclear propulsion.

The room was designed by the Brazilian company ATECH and was connected to the LABGENE simulator, object of the contract with the French company Corys, by a team of the Marine Nuclear Development Board (DDNM) and ATECH, allowing operators to simulate nuclear power variation, by increasing the rotation of the electric motor of the propulsion.

The installed equipment will be used in the replica of the Control Room, to be installed in CIANA for the training and licensing of the future operators of LABGENE. The simulator, only in computers, has been installed since 2016 in CIANA.

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