First loading of nuclear fuel in Barakah Unit 1

First loading of nuclear fuel in Barakah Unit 1

The UAE has started loading the first nuclear fuel assemblies in the first unit of Barakah nuclear power plant, according to what the operator, Nawah Energy, has announced on February 19th, after issuing a 60-year operating license by UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) on February 16th.

A statement of Nawah Energy Company stated that it has “started the procedures for starting the loading of the first nuclear fuel assemblies in the plant reactor, as a first step for the gradual start-up process leading to the gradual and safe operation and the production of environmentally friendly electric energy later.”

The statement added that, after loading the fuel, “a series of tests will be carried out completely safely, before beginning the start of the gradual operation, known as the Power Ascension Testing (PAT).” The company explained that once the tests are completed, “The first unit will enter the commercial operation stage.”

For his part, Mark Reddemann, CEO of Nawah Energy Company, said: ” Our teams are trained, certified and ready to safely commence the testing and start-up processes for Unit 1.”

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