First independent clean heating project for CNNC

First independent clean heating project for CNNC

On May 25, the first clean heating and cooling project developed by CNNC through the reclaimed water driven heat-pump has been officially launched in the downtown of Nanyang city, Henan Province. It is a concrete measure for CNNC to echo with government efforts to vigorously develop geothermal resources.

The project covers a total area of ​​11.8 square kilometers. Through the development and utilization of reclaimed water thermal energy resources treated by Nanyang Municipal Wastewater Purification Center, it provides heating and cooling for public and civil buildings in need, effectively ensuring the demand of heating and cooling satisfied in universities and residential areas in the region. It would generate good economic and social benefits.

CNNC-Kunhua Nanyang Energy Development Co., LTD, responsible for the construction and operation of this project, will implement it in three phases with the target of achieving a total heating capacity of 3.2 million square meters. The first phase of the project can meet the heating and cooling of 1.05 million square meters. It is reported that after the project is fully put into production, it can realize an annual replacement of about 23,800 tons of standard coal, a reduction of carbon dioxide of 53,700 tons, a hydrocarbon of 10.7 tons, a nitrogen oxide of 86.4 tons, a sulfur dioxide of 397.4 tons, and a dust of 240 tons. It will play a great role in promoting the prevention of air pollution and have a good demonstration effect on surrounding areas.

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