First concrete foundations for El Dabaa NPP to be laid mid-2020

First concrete foundations for El Dabaa NPP to be laid mid-2020

The Egyptian newspaper “Al-Youm Al-Sabee” has recently interviewed “Mohamed Ramadan”, the general manager of the El Dabaa nuclear power plant project, in which he confirmed that the Russian company Rosatom, which is responsible for the construction of the plant, has already started the drilling work for laying concrete foundations for the nuclear reactors.

Ramadan added, “It is expected that the concrete foundations for the first reactor will be set in the middle of next year (2020),” pointing out that “the concrete foundations need a permit from the Egyptian Nuclear & Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA), and it is expected to be issued next January, as every executive step in El Dabaa project needs the approval of a ENRRA.”

El Dabaa NPP consists of 4 nuclear reactors with a capacity of 1200 MW each, of the VVER 3+ generation type. This type of reactors has been featured in three units that are already operating in Russia, in the nuclear plants Novovoronig and Leningrad.

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