november, 2018

04novallday07SIPS 2018: 5th Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Energy ProductionFossil; Renewables; Nuclear; Waste handling, processing, and storage for all energy production technologies; Energy conservation


Event Details

Sustainable forms of energy today are a vital focus of societies everywhere. The big picture involves energy production with classical fossil and nuclear fuels that fulfill most current energy demands along with a rapidly increasing contribution from renewable energy. This symposium will cover all aspects of energy production and utilization.

  • Energy production from gas, liquid and solid fossil fuels i.e. Gas/Oil/Coal that are not carbon neutral and generally considered to be polluted forms of energy production. Analysis and discussion will be undertaken on how these industries are coping with the reality of climate change and carbon emissions by decreasing their carbon foot print, improving efficiency and productivity, and capturing and sequestering CO2
  • Energy production from nuclear fuels, an almost carbon neutral technology, but considered by some parts of society as a risky technology
  • Developing and utilizing renewable energy technologies

The symposium will also cover but not be limited to efficient and sustainable efforts in existing technologies that provide the bulk of energy today.

  • Advanced extraction technologies (evaluation, equipment, applications, construction, completion) for shale gas, coal bed methane and hydrocarbon production
  • Operation, optimization and control in petrochemical plants
  • Operation, optimization and control in nuclear plants
  • Operation, optimization and control in coal plants

Improving safety and efficiency of current plants.

  • Nuclear Plants: resilience from earthquakes, spent fuel disposition and utilization
  • Petrochemical Plants: Detection of wear and fault prevention in gear boxes by monitoring the quality of oil: warning before failure occurs; wear optimization; oil aging, degradation of additives, and load optimization
  • Coal Plants: decreasing the carbon foot print; capturing, sequestering, and using CO2


november 4 (Sunday) - 7 (Wednesday) GMT-3


Rio Othon Palace

Av. Atlântica, 3264


FLOGEN Stars;; 1255 Laird Boulevard Suite #388, Mont Royal, Quebec, Canada H3P 2T1