Erdogan explains his commitment to nuclear

Erdogan explains his commitment to nuclear

At the “Mass Opening Ceremony of 2017 Annual Electricity Investments” organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources at the Beştepe Millet Culture and Congress Center, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan explains his commitment to nuclear

Energy and emphasized that Akkuyu will enter into operation in 2023.


“Turkey has grown by an average of 5.7 % over the last 15 years and this has rapidly increased the energy demand of our country and our electricity consumption of 132.3 billion kilowatt hours in 2002 reached 278.3 billion kilowatt hours in 2016. Only In the last fifteen years, we have spent a lot of investments in order to meet this increasing demand.

The use of Atomic energy will allow Turkey – which needs to import its gas and oil – to reduce its dependence on foreign energy, and develop sustainable economic growth.

The national energy and mining policies are the driving force for Turkey to achieve its objectives in the future”.


Erdogan pointed out that domestic resources should be used more to reduce energy dependency in order to ensure sustainable growth.  He also mentioned that the share of the domestic coal production in the electricity production is raised to 16 % and that the domestic coal production of 10, 55 GW in electricity generation will soon be added to the installed capacity of 5 GW: “China and India, which have been the rising economies of recent years, owe their success to using coal in electricity production, that is, to assess their own resources, and in the same way Poland accounts for 84%  and Germany 42 %, the United Kingdom 39 % and Denmark 34 %, respectively, to meet the electricity needs of coal, in addition to the 682 coal-fired power plants currently in operation in Europe, 30 new coal-fired power plants are being built.“

The Turkish president also announced that Turkey will increase its solar and wind energy capacity by 10 GW each within the next decade.


President Erdogan underlined that Turkey is becoming a country that exports technology to this area, stating that they have not only reduced their energy costs with the mobilization of domestic resources, but also signed a significant turnover in terms of the localization of energy technologies. Erdoğan, who concluded that the ministry is working on providing more incentives to the local industry, “I hope that in the first months of next year, this issue will be announced. National energy and mining policy will be an important impetus for Turkey to reach its targets in coming years. financial, economic, diplomatic, military, cultural, and cultural backgrounds, I believe that we will do this together. “For this we expect investors to hear news of new projects.

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