Equipment Procurement of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant

Equipment Procurement of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant

At the end of last year, the comprehensive mobilization meeting and project start-up meeting of the equipment procurement for Zhangzhou nuclear power plant was held in Fujian Province.

This project has been polished for almost four years:from July 2014 to June 2018, from the technical route of AP1000 to Hualong No.1. Zhangzhou finally sketched its trajectory with the formal approval of two evaluation reports for Hualong technology.

This meeting revealed the planning and management of equipment procurement management regarding Zhangzhou project. Particularly, as Zhangzhou NPP would be the reference model for the subsequent Hualong Production, which creative measures with respect to procurement management should be taken becomes the main topic of this conference.

At present, Zhangzhou procurement team has completed contract signing of some main equipment such as pressure vessels, main pumps and steam turbine generator assembly. And meanwhile, other equipment contracting work has been launched as planned. Up to now, 59 contracts have been nailed down.


NβN tip: Zhangzhou project features the technology of Hualong No.1. Suppliers at home and abroad could check with the official website of Zhangzhou Nuclear power plant for the information about the procurement procedures.

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