Enriching Uranium and IR8 centrifuges in Iran

Enriching Uranium and IR8 centrifuges in Iran

The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran(AEAI), Behruz Kamalvandí, said at a ceremony at the Fordow nuclear plant thatcurrently the amount of Iran’s enriched uranium is between 360 and 370kilograms.

The AEAI announced in early July that it had exceeded300 kilos of uranium reserves allowed in the pact and that it had begunenriching uranium to 4.5 percent. According to the lawmaker HamidrezaHajibabaei, Iranian scientists had been working on IR6 and IR7 types ofcentrifuges with work on IR8 centrifuges on their agenda.

Regarding heavy water, whose reserves are limited bythe agreement to 130 tons, Kamalvandí explained that Iran does not have largequantities stored but could exceed that threshold because they are no longergoverned by that commitment: ” Currently we are not only exportingheavy water but also other products such as deuterium and oxygen 18, ”which shows that “Iran could be an exporter of high-tech products,”he added.

The Iranian authorities plan to stop fulfilling otherof their nuclear commitments next September unless the other party guaranteestheir oil exports and banking transactions. The head of the AEAI, Ali AkbarSalehí, did not want to detail the measures that will be taken in September, inthe so-called third phase of reduction of nuclear commitments, and said thatthis issue would be consulted with the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.

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