Energy Transition and Regional Strategy in Madagascar

Energy Transition and Regional Strategy in Madagascar

The Ministers of Energy of the Member States of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) met for two days to validate a regional energy transition strategy to improve the cooperation between the member countries, the technical, and financial partners.

The European Union financed many projects in the energy sector, including the promotion of renewable energies, in these Indian Ocean countries, including in Madagascar, as part of the implementation of the Energy Program by the IOC.

The Ambassador of the European Union to Madagascar, HE Mr. Giovanni Di Girolamo, raised that this new strategy aims to help the IOC member countries to make the energy transition with the promotion of renewable energies to fight the climate change.

The framework of this meeting between the ministers aimed to improve the exchanges of experiences and sharing of good practices as regards the use of renewable energies, to ensure energy efficiency. The regional strategy on energy transition will be submitted to the Council of Energy Ministers of IOC Member States at the end of this year.

Madagascar wants to give access to energy to more than 50% of the population against 15% by the end of 2018 and to double the power generation capacity in the next five years. Besides, Energy Minister Vonjy Andriamanga indicated that 70% of the electricity would come from renewable energies.

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