Emirates Joins the IEA Charter as a Controller

Emirates Joins the IEA Charter as a Controller


  • Release Date: July 02, 2017

The United Arab Emirates have signed the “Nuclear Energy Charter” with the IAE on 2nd July 2017. Its role in this agreement will be as a controller.


The signing ceremony was held during the International Ministerial Convention, which was organized by the IAE, in Paris. Participants in the ceremony were the Emirati Energy Minister, Mr. Suhail Muhammed Faraj Al Mazroui, and Engineer Fatma Mohammed A’ Shamsi, who represented the UAE. As well as, Mr. Urban Rusnak, Secertary General of the Energy Charter in the IEA.



The charter will make the UAE able to exchange information and studies, and provides investment opportunities in the energy fields, especially renewable energy, for the country. This will result on more exploration investment opportunities for UAE stakeholders, such as Masdar, Mubadalah, and Dragon Oil, to explore the member countries of the charter.



The charter gives authority to the UAE to review reports about the Emirati energy sector, in addition to preparing reports to achieve the national agenda and to avoid inaccurate information and data.


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