The emerging nuclear construction sector in Turkey

The emerging nuclear construction sector in Turkey


  • Release Date: February 10, 2017

Koray Tuncer, founding member of the Nuclear Industry Association of Turkey (NIATR) and the member of the 4th International Nuclear Summit organization committee (INPPS) evaluated the opportunities presented by Turkey’s nuclear power plant projects.
According to the statement made by the NIATR, Mr. Tuncer said that Turkey expertise in the construction sector will be used for nuclear energy projects.
He stated that nuclear power plant projects could employ 12,000 to 14,000 people during the construction process. The Turkish construction companies could be involved in the construction phase of Akkuyu and Sinop, and then work for other nuclear reactors worldwide.

Mr. Tuncer added that “Turkish firms are already successful worldwide in construction projects, and these companies are also involved in important and prestigious projects. Turkish firms should not hesitate to enter into the tenders for the nuclear power plant projects. ”
Mr. Tuncer emphasized as well that as part of Turkey’s $ 60 billion nuclear power plant market, significant opportunities are waiting for shipbuilders on the construction and certification fields.

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