Electricity trade between Morocco and Spain

Electricity trade between Morocco and Spain

Morocco exports account for about 76% of cross-border electricity trade with Spain!

According to data from the Spanish semi-public operator “Red Electrica De España”, Morocco is the largest electricity exporter to Spain.

Spain’s imports of electricity from Morocco reached 20588 GWh in 2018, while exports to the Kingdom reached 10,442 GWh. Generating a revenue of MAD 158 million (US $ 16.5 million), according to the Foreign Exchange Bureau’s annual report.

As domestic demand grows, Morocco faces the risk of relying heavily on electricity imports, so the country has seen several renewable energy projects being implemented, particularly solar and wind power, which increased the power generation capacity up to 3500 MW.

These projects include the Safi Thermal Power Plant, with a capacity of 1,386 MW, which alone covers 25% of the local electricity needs, as well as the two solar plants, Nour Midelt and Nour Ouarzazate.

Morocco also aims to produce 42% (6,000 MW) of the electricity mix from renewable sources by 2020 and to reach at least 52% by 2030.

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