Electrical sector in Angola records growth

Electrical sector in Angola records growth

The power sector in Angola has grown more than 15 percent over the last six years, by increasing installed energy generation capacity and expanding the system.

According to the president of the Institute of Electricity and Water Services (IRSEA), Luís Mourão da Silva, in 2013, the national electrical system only owned 2,194 MW installed. At present, there is an installed capacity of 5,217 MW, an increase of about 3,314 MW.

Sector data indicate an annual growth of research around 12 percent, explained the official, who was speaking at the XII Conference of the Association of Regisseur of Energy of the Portuguese-speaking countries (RELOP).

With this installed capacity, the country is emerging from an average annual output of four thousand 380 GWh in 2013, for 12,240 GWh  in 2018, he added.

Moreover, the president of IRSEA has indicated that, in the framework of the National Development Plan (PND), the public electricity sector plans to install between 500 to 800 GW.

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