Egypt’s energy mix

Egypt’s energy mix

As many other Middle Eastern countries, Egypt is also targeting its energy sector towards renewable energy. The country is willing to invest in the renewable energy sector to provide 20% of renewable energy production in the overall Egyptian energy production by 2022. It also plans to achieve providing 37% of renewable energy production by 2035.

The Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mohammad Shakir, met the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Saving Expert, Dr. Anhar Hajazi to review the Egyptian national plan for a nourished solar energy sector. Dr. Hajazi said: “There should be more research and development activities. Also, it is important to educate the public about the benefits of using solar energy. As well as, providing encouraging regulatory framework for localization and it is vital to compete in the available regional markets.”

Dr. Hajazi reviewed some of the initiatives that will have a great impact on the solar energy sector. These initiatives are:

-“Knowledge Suns,” an initiative for school students
-“Health Sun,” an initiative that includes providing hospitals with dual systems
-“Our Youth is Our Country’s Sun,” includes providing Youth Centers and Sport Centers with solar cells
-“Your Path is Sunny,” includes providing solar energy for street and advertisement lighting

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