Egyptian – Russian agreements at Atom Expo 2019

Egyptian – Russian agreements at Atom Expo 2019

The 11th International Atom Expo 2019, held in the Russian city of Sochi, has just been launched on Monday April 15th 2019, with the participation of representatives from several countries as well as specialists and interested in the global nuclear business.

On the sidelines of the opening, Rosatom’s TVEL, specialized in the nuclear fuel production, and the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) signed contracts to supply the ETRR-2 research reactor in Egypt with low-enriched uranium components for nuclear fuel produced by the Novosibirsk chemical plant.

The second Egyptian research reactor “ETRR-2” is to be used at the national Nuclear Research Center (NRC) in the city of Inshas in the field of particle physics and materials science, as well as stable isotopic production.

TVEL’s Senior Vice President for International Business and Trade, Oleg Grigoriev, said that TVEL’s business development prospects in the Egyptian market are also linked to the supply of nuclear fuel to Al Dabaa nuclear power plant with four VVER-1200 reactors.

He pointed out that “the Central Institute of Engineering Design – which is also part of the fuel company TVEL – contributes to the project, as a subcontractor, to create a dry container to store spent nuclear fuel at the Dabaa nuclear power plant.

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