Egypt is to sign the Contract of Dabaa Project

Egypt is to sign the Contract of Dabaa Project


  • Release Date: January 02, 2017

Ayman Hamza, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity, said in a press statement on Sunday evening, January 1, that the contract of building Dabaa nuclear Plant  will be signed  during this week after the agreement with the Russian side, as well as discussing all terms and details of contracts of the establishment of the station

Hamza  pointed out that  the intensification of meetings with Russian officials over the past few days, to reach a final agreement between the parties as a prelude to formally announce the date of signing the final contract, pointing to organize a major celebration in the presidency of the republic during the signature.

Hamza  noted that the contract will be signed with Russia will include three items, the first item on the establishment of the station, and the second maintenance and operation, and finally the provision of nuclear fuel.

He declared that it is expected to set a date and place of signing with Russian officials, confirming the end of negotiations with the Russian side on the Dabaa nuclear project.

A source in the company “Rosatom” ,  told “Novosti, that the contract between the company and Egypt to build a nuclear power plant may be signed on Thursday, as announced by Vice President of the company” Rosatom “, Nikolai Spassky,on the 22nd of the last month


Dr. Ali Abdul Nabi, the former vice chairman of the Commission of the nuclear plants stressed on the need to establish a new ministry to be concerned with nuclear power, called the Ministry of Nuclear Energy includes three nuclear bodies (Atomic Energy Commission, Nuclear Materials Authority, Board of nuclear power plants), stressing that the reason behind this ministry that it’ll have the ability to deal in all aspects of engineering and natural sciences, such as: (industry – medicine – chemistry – agriculture), but this science outside the scope of the Ministry of Electricity.


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