Egypt is focusing on Rufiji dam project in Tanzania

Egypt is focusing on Rufiji dam project in Tanzania

The Egyptian government, headed by Engineer Mustapha Madbouli, is following with great interest arrangements to start the implementation of the Rufiji dam project in Tanzania.

In a meeting with the two companies responsible for the construction of the project, the “Arab Contractors” and “ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC”, he said that this meeting is the beginning of periodic meetings to be held on a monthly basis to follow up the executive position of the construction project for the hydroelectric dam.

Madbouli called on the Egyptian consortium to mobilize its various energies to complete this important project by assigning tasks to the highest working teams and setting an intensive timetable for the implementation of the project stages.

The signing ceremony for the construction of the Rufiji hydroelectric dam in Tanzania was held in mid-December 2018. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mustapha Madbouli, Egyptian Prime Minister and Egyptian Minister of Electricity, Mohamed Shaker, and in the presence of Dr. John Pompey Joseph Magofoli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, along with a large number of ministers and officials.

The Rufiji dam of the United Republic of Tanzania will be built on the Rufiji River in East Africa. With a capacity of 2100 MW, and is scheduled to start implementation in July.

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