Egypt draws on China’s expertise in solar panels manufacturing

Egypt draws on China’s expertise in solar panels manufacturing

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar, Minister of State for Military Production, accompanied by a number of representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Environment, Electricity, Investment, and International Cooperation, and Trade and Industry, visited a number of Chinese companies to cooperate in establishing a project to produce solar panels from Egyptian quartz.

This cooperation comes within the framework of the Ministry’s policy of reaching out to international companies to transfer the latest technologies worldwide, including the technology of manufacturing solar panels. It was agreed on the speed of action to implement the project in Egypt.

Chinese companies working in this field, which the minister visited, including the companies “CETC”, “MCC”, “ENFI”, and “SINOSICO” and the factories of these companies; to see the possibilities available to produce solar panels in all stages of manufacturing starting with Egyptian sand. The ability of these companies to establish the industrial complex in Egypt has been confirmed as these companies have successful experiences outside of China.

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