Egypt and Japan will face together the shortage of energy

Egypt and Japan will face together the shortage of energy

On February 8, the Egyptian-Japanese Joint “Steering” Committee held a meeting in the presence of Osama Asran, Deputy Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, on behalf of Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, to discuss Egyptian-Japanese cooperation in the fields of electricity and energy.

The meeting was attended by: Mr. Masaki Oguchi, member of parliament and Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Takahiro Cagawa, Ambassador of Japan in Egypt, and Mr. Hiroaki Ishiba, Consul of the Embassy of Japan in Egypt. Eng. Osama Asran pointed out the challenges that faced the electricity and energy sector during the past years, the most important of which is the deficit in available capacities, the aging of some power stations and the lack of adequate fuel. That is according to the official statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.

The meeting included reviewing the electricity projects that are currently being implemented in cooperation with the Japanese government in the form of:

– Modernization of the regional control center in Nag Hammadi.

– Project of power plant using photovoltaic cells with a capacity of 20 MW in Hurghada.

– A wind power plant with a capacity of 220 MW in Jabal Al-Zayt.

– A 250 MW BOO-system wind power plant in cooperation between the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company and the Toyota Toussucho consortium and its partners.

– A project to improve energy efficiency implemented by electricity distribution companies in North Cairo, Alexandria, North Delta, which is funded by JICA, with the aim of establishing an integrated smart network including advanced control centers and communication systems.

– Rehabilitation of boilers of units 5 and 6 and the tasks of boilers 7 and 8 at West Cairo station, in cooperation with Japanese Mitsubishi Hitachi.

– Rehabilitation project of 6 gas turbines at North Cairo, Al-Ataf and Sidi Kreir plants in cooperation with Japanese Mitsubashi Hitachi.

– Qena power plant project with the capacity of 2 × 650 MW in cooperation with the Japanese company Toyota Tousho.

– Participation of the Japanese companies in the tender for the construction of a clean coal power station with the capacity of 6000 MW in Hamrawain.

– Participation of JICA by funding the training of a number of Arab and African cadres in the training centers of the electricity and renewable energy sector.

Eng. Ossama Asran, in conclusion, thanked the attendees and expressed his wish for further deepening the Egyptian-Japanese relations, enhancing the strategic and political dialogue between the two countries and strengthening the various fields of economic cooperation.

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