Educational virtual platform of the Regional Training Center in Argentina

Educational virtual platform of the Regional Training Center in Argentina

The Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) is committed to promoting the use of the educational virtual platform of the Regional Training Center for Latin America and the Caribbean. It organized the “E-learning Development Workshop”, which took place from May 7 to May 11, 2018 and involved the participation of 13 professionals, including teachers and the center’s coordinating team.

The workshop was held within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement with Lenka Dojcanova, Coordinator of Outreach and Web of the IAEA, and Lara De Diego Chica, Coordinator of Training in Renewable Energy and Environment and Technique of the Virtual Classroom of the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) of Spain.

The Regional Training Center is the only one of its kind to have its own virtual educational platform, implemented through the Latin American Network for Education and Training in Nuclear Technology (LANENT) and based on Moodle technology.

The platform, until now, was intended for basic functions such as sending information; communications between students, teachers and coordinators via forums and chats; support of bibliographic material; surveys, and completion of some questionnaires. With the application of the new tools it is intended to expand its use in specific pedagogical and didactic activities, with the aim of updating, developing and improving the teaching and learning process.

The training of teachers and coordinating team of the courses and specialization careers, developed by the ARN through the Regional Training Center, is a key element in the process of continuous improvement, essential for the pursuit of academic excellence.

The workshop provided both theoretical content and practice spaces for students to apply what they learned.

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