Dumat El Jandal Wind Power Plant

Dumat El Jandal Wind Power Plant


  • Release Date: July 17, 2017

The Saudi Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Khalid Al Faleh, declared recently that a plan of 700 MW of renewable energy has been put into motion. It is important to mention that Saudi Arabia is aiming at adding 9,5 GW of renewable energy sources by 2023.


Dumat El Jandal Wind Power Plant is one of these projects. The project is located in Al Jawf province. This project is the second project implemented after the 300 MW Solar Energy Power Plant in Skaka.

Dumat El Jandal will consist of an agreement of power purchasing for 20 years.


The Saudi Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource invited interested companies and corporations to send their qualifications to be part of the competition of building Dumat El Jandal Wind Power Plant, which will generate 400 MW per year.


Qualifications must be sent by 10th August, however, offers are welcomed from 29th August to January 2018. The winner will be announced this September and will be in partnership with the government.

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