DRS Holds Seminar on Licensing, Supervision and Control

DRS Holds Seminar on Licensing, Supervision and Control

The Directorate of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (DRS) of the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) organized a Seminar “The Police Exercise in Regulatory Inspections” on August 21. Held at the auditorium Carneiro Felippe, at the institution’s headquarters, it addressed legal and practical aspects of inspection, licensing and control.

Talks were made by the Federal Attorney’s Office / CNEN, addressing legal aspects regarding CNEN’s competencies and performance in the activities of regulatory agency of the sector, as well as guiding and clarifying doubts of the employees that work in the DRS.

There were also presentations from the General Coordination of Medical and Industrial Facilities and Reactors and Fuel Cycles on practical cases and main difficulties encountered during inspection activities.

Due to the intense participation of the employees, other editions of the event are scheduled to discuss the specificities of each particular area, always in line with the DRS mission to demand and supervise the implementation of radiological safety measures for workers, the public and the environment .

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