Digitalization of the nuclear safety regulation

Digitalization of the nuclear safety regulation

“Imported civilian nuclear safety equipment safety inspection and management system” (“safety inspection system”), developed by Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of MEP under the entrustment of National Nuclear Security Administration, recently formally launched the application after more than two months of trial operation, marking China’s civil nuclear safety equipment supervision into a new stage of information management.


Security inspection system, based on now more mature information development platform and in line with the safety inspection business processes, developed and set up a plan management, file declaration, technical review, administrative examination and approval, witness inspection, security inspection report, data processing and notification of a total of eight modules, to achieve the 4 functions online including file declaration, technical review, administrative examination and approval, data management.


After the system is put into use, it will serve 4 kinds of users such as NNSA, technical support units, regional supervision offices and inspection agencies, and fully realize the online full-closed-loop supervision and management of the safety inspection of China’s civilian imported nuclear safety equipment.


Since the test run, the safety inspection system has initially achieved good results. Compared with the offline operation, the error rate of online document delivery and reception is reduced by 20%, the average time limit for reviewing equipment per batch is reduced by 15 days, the efficiency of review and evaluation is improved by 45% and the working intensity of reviewers is greatly reduced. The role of safety inspection system in reducing error rate, improving accuracy and work efficiency has been obviously shown.


The full on-line application of safety inspection system will play a greater role in real-time data transmission, improving the efficiency of administrative examination and approval, and will continue to promote China’s ability to supervise civilian nuclear safety equipment.

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