Development of Turkish companies participating in CERN

Development of Turkish companies participating in CERN

CERN (European Nuclear Research Organization), founded by 12 European countries in 1954, has become a big organization where 29 countries are actively involved, both academically and industrially. Turkey joined CERN as an observer member in 1961. Following the “joint membership” which started in 2015, Turkey had the right of the application for professional business and education opportunities and the application to high-tech products’s tenders at CERN for Turkish companies.

Turkey is represented by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) at CERN. TOBB’s CERN Industry Communication Office established by TOBB in 2015 is guiding the entry of Turkish companies into CERN market worth 600 million USD per year. The team of the CERN Industry Communication Office, has done informative works in 12 cities about the tenders and received results for the last time.
Business with CERN drives technology development, attracts new customers and allows them to enter into new markets.
CERN project which is 100 meters below the ground and 27 kilometers in diameter, has started in 2000 to invest in a huge infrastructure that will continue until 2026. TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that the tender and purchases to be opened will be doubled for 5 years and that it is a great success to enter into highly competitive companies who want to sell products to CERN.

Six Turkish companies won seven tenders in one and half years from CERN. These were Albaksan and Dora Makine last year, Gözüküçük Makina, Mistel Cable, EGE and GEMA Industrial Control and Asaş Aluminum won the tender this year. According to the TOBB President, Albaksan, Dora and Gözüküçük have already started to benefit from CERN reference in projects abroad. Figabara has made a special connection element used in the electrical installation to CERN and has solved a major problem. ONS Makina became the second largest company in the industry and the company is now preparing for a major tender.

The total won by the 6 companies is about 800.000 Euros. Hisarcıklıoğlu: “The amount here is not very important. Doing business with CERN is considered a reference in the world. Companies that are focused on high technology, medium sized and want to open up to new markets should head to CERN. ”
Among companies doing business with CERN
• 38% of these developed new products.
• Their International visibility increased 42%.
• 44% of these provided technological learning and development.
• 52% of these achieved higher sales performance with reference to CERN.
• 17% of these entered new markets.
• 60% of these gained new customers.

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