Decommissioning Lab enters Sichuan

Decommissioning Lab enters Sichuan


  • Release Date: January 03, 2017

The Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC) declared a laboratory project –the Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste management lab. It has recently been approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Sichuan Province, which signifies the establishment of this engineering lab.

As springboard of the nuclear decommissioning and waste treatment industry, this lab has mastered various and advanced nuclear decommissioning technologies; Focusing on minimizing the radioactive waste, this lab will conduct the fundamental study of the radwaste treatment and keep technologically innovative and build this lab as a comprehensive platform for the nuclear decommissioning R&D.

NPIC is the first Institute in China to decommission the reactors as well as their supporting facilities and also the main unit to work on the nuclear plant decommissioning technology development and research. With almost 40-years experience, NPIC has succeeded in dismantling multiple nuclear power units and non-nuclear facilities, forming a complete package including the research test, engineering design and the technology service.

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