Danger in Taiwan Nuclear Decommissioning

Danger in Taiwan Nuclear Decommissioning


  • Release Date: October 24, 2016

Taiwan Media revealed the island is experiencing a predicable danger in Taiwan Nuclear Decommissioning. The business community calls for the Authorities to postpone the nuclear decommissioning before the green electricity supply becomes stable and reliable.


Taiwan nuclear power plants will be successively decommissioned from 2018. The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Taiwan, Mr. Lai Zhengyi stressed that Taiwan cannot discontinue the electricity from nuclear in such a short time. If the gap of the power supply cannot be filled, the factory will not operate normally which will be a catastrophe to the economy. Therefore, nuclear power is still a preferential option now.


The authorities of Taiwan are also urged to create favorable investment environment to the enterprises. Though Taiwan doesn’t deny the renewal energy resources, the nuclear energy still has to be used in this island because the business community cannot bear the huge cost loss in the transition period of the energy resource transfer.


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