Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant’s Agreement

Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant’s Agreement


  • Release Date: October 19, 2016


Russia just finalized the financial and legal aspects of the Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant’s Agreement. The commercial contract addressed four parts, including:

The construction agreement,

The nuclear fuel purchasing terms,

The expertise transfer and operational support

The development of fuel elements.

Al Dabaa’s Operational Consultant, Yassin Ibrahim, declared that Rosatom will start designing the power plant after the contract is signed, then the firm will present the designs to the nuclear regulatory and the environmental regulatory in Egypt.

Accordingly, the Egyptian Nuclear Power Authority provided a list that contains 20 local companies to Rosatom as suggestions for the Egyptian partner in the project.

The list includes Orascom Construction, Swedy Electric, Hassan Allam, Petrojet, and the Arab Contractors (El-Mokawloon El-Arab).


Note: Dabaa NPP is at the center piece of the Sustainable Energy Strategy plan signed by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail during a meeting with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Energy.

The meeting discussed the strategy in light of the prospected natural gas and crude oil production due to recent  discoveries, as well as Egypt’s production of nuclear energy through the first nuclear power plant with a capacity of 1.2MW within 2024/2025. This power plant will be followed by 3 additional facilities with a total power generation capacity of 3.6GW.

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