Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant negotiations finalized

Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant negotiations finalized


  • Release Date: August 06, 2017

The Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Mohammed Shakir, said in a statement that all negotiations with Russia for Dabaa Nuclear power plant are finalized.


There are four main contracts that need to be finalized to start the project. Two of which are ready and the other two will be finalized after a revision that will be carried out by the Egyptian State Council.


Mr. Shakir also said that progress in those contracts has been done by international consultants, who review the technical and legal sides of the contracts.


The Egyptian Minister has assured that Rosatom will provide 3rd generation power plants with high safety and security standards.


It is noteworthy that Egypt is investing 29 Billion USD to build Dabaa Nuclear power plants. The Egyptian government will contribute with 94 Billion USD while Rosatom will contribute with 25 Billion USD.  The power plants are planned to generate 4700 MW of electricity.


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