“Dabaa NPP” reaches the parliament

“Dabaa NPP” reaches the parliament

Authority confirms the reduction of the price of electricity and the provision of “natural gas” and “oil” as one of the positive effects of the project, put Egypt as a pioneer country in the region on the map of developed countries.

-Establishment of technical secondary school for nuclear energy technology in “Dabaa” . and start the study next year

-Egypt’s selection of a “developed third generation” type of compressed natural water for its first nuclear reactors in order to enjoy the abundance of safety factors

-Russian offer meets the highest safety requirements globally .. Egypt has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with a number of countries in the field of peaceful uses to provide access to reactors and fuel services

The memorandum pointed to the positive impact of the project of the nuclear plant in Dabaa on the national income, represented in reducing the consumption rates of natural gas and oil, and use in the petrochemical industries, which leads to the increase in value added to them. Also the production of electricity from nuclear power plants will reduce the cost of power unit Generating and thereby reducing electricity prices.

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