Cubans are trained in nuclear medicine

Cubans are trained in nuclear medicine

A group of 60 Cuban specialists in nuclear medicine received a training course in advanced diagnostic technology on Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Havana.  The training in nuclear medicine was organized by experts from Belgium, Switzerland and Chile.

The Network of Cuban Nuclear Communicators (REDCNUC) indicated this is the first time that this course is taught outside the United Kingdom and was coordinated by Professor Antony Gee, from the King College London (KCL). Among the topics addressed are the production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals marked with positronic emitters, and the applications of PET technology in preclinical and clinical research.

Professor Gee also discussed developments in modeling and image processing, as well as clinical applications, with a specific focus in oncology and neurology. On the final day of the program, a round table entitled “PET: past, present and future” was held with which Professor Tatsuo Ido, from the Neuroscience Research Institute at the Gachon University, in South Korea.

The seminars were directed by specialists from foreign institutions such as the IBA company (Belgium), PMOD Technologies from the University of Zurich (Switzerland), Positronfarma (Chile), the Isotope Center (CENTIS), and other Cuban research centers.

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