Cuba organized the Award Ceremony for Nuclear Research

Cuba organized the Award Ceremony for Nuclear Research

The Agency for Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies (AENTA) in Cuba rewarded the authors and their centers that achieved the results of the most relevant scientific research in 2019. The Network of Nuclear Communicators (REDNUC) initiated this award ceremony in 2016.

The Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN) obtained several awards. The first one on Proteomic Analysis of cells treated with Pristine carbon nanotube and their subcellular location, and a second one on Carbon nano-onions (NCCs) used for a new antitumor therapy, according to REDNUC, which also cited the carbon Nanostructures obtained by submerged arc discharge and their energy and structural properties under irradiation, even from CEADEN. 

Additional subjects in the ceremony denoted the application of risk analysis in medical practices using ionizing radiation (therapeutic and diagnostic) for the optimization of its safety and quality, the integrative approach for risk analysis in therapeutic nuclear medicine, as well as the design, control, applications of renewable energy source, smart grids, and the transport of radioactive material. 

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