Contract of operation, management and maintenance for Siemens in Egypt

Contract of operation, management and maintenance for Siemens in Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, witnessed the signing of a contract for the operation, maintenance and management of the three giant power plants, which were inaugurated in Al-Borollos, the administrative capital and Beni Suef, which were co-constructed with the consortium Siemens AG & Siemens Technologie S.A.E. on September 20th.

During the signing ceremony, Eng. Jaber Desouki, President of the Holding Company, explained that the scope of the works include the operation, maintenance and management of the three stations through an operation and maintenance team of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, which will be contracted by Siemens Company after following the training program in Germany and under management of foreign site managers.

He added that the total value of the three sites is about 2.6 billion Egyptian pounds (about 130 million euros), in addition to about 176 million euros, with a contract period of up to 8 years, not including the mobilization period, of 3 months.

According to the contract, during the mobilization, Siemens is committed to hire all three stations employees, who have been trained in Germany and will qualify cadres within the existing workforce in order to manage the three sites.

The total capacity of the three stations is 14400 MW. Each site has a total of (4) units. Each unit operates a composite cycle system, with a total capacity of 4800 MW per site.

This contract comes in light of the requirements of the three projects to the organizational thought to manage projects of this size and new technology, and thus, the Holding Company assigned the operation and maintenance of these stations to one of the international companies specialized in this area, to transfer their expertise and to prepare technical and administrative cadres of the employees of the Holding Company.

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