Congo and Nuclear Energy

Congo and Nuclear Energy

The Minister of Justice, Human Rights and the Promotion of Indigenous Peoples, Aimé Ange Wilfrid Bininga, participated in the 61st session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 18 to 22 September, in Vienna, Austria. It was an opportunity to present the Congo’s vision of the nuclear issue to the international community.


In his statement, the Congolese Minister in charge of Justice reassured the IAEA leaders of his country’s support for initiatives related to the safety and security of nuclear energy. According to him, Congo has set itself three priorities in the framework of nuclear energy. These include updating the nuclear legal framework with a view to aligning it with international requirements; the establishment of a regulatory body in the field of radiation protection, nuclear safety and security and finally the ratification of international conventions. According to Aimé Ange Wilfrid Bininga, the Congo has just put in place a draft bill regulating the use of nuclear applications in collaboration with the agency.


He also stressed before the plenary that the peaceful use of nuclear applications and technologies brings significant benefits to nations. “This use provides progress and transformation in several areas: energy, agriculture and livestock, medicine, industry, research, and many others. But the main challenge remains the protection of our environment and the people against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and the fight against nuclear, radiological terrorism, “said the Minister.


The Congo has decided, through its head of delegation, to renew its commitment for this year. Aimé Ange Wilfrid Bininga responded to the threat of the President of the 61st session to withdraw the right to vote from all States which did not renew their commitments at the Agency’s forthcoming conferences.

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