Completing 70% of the construction work of the Ethiopian GRD

Completing 70% of the construction work of the Ethiopian GRD

The Director General of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam Project, Kefel Horo, has announced that about 70% of construction work on the dam is complete.

This came during his conversation with the members of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, Irrigation and Energy in Parliament, which visited the project.

Horo briefed the committee members on the current status of the project, noting that it is scheduled to be fully completed in 2023. He also explained that the works in units 9 and 10 in the turbines, which were planned for power generation before the completion of the project, are proceeding well.

He noted that the turbines are expected to generate about 750 MW of electricity in early 2021. He pointed out that the country has so far spent 99 billion Ethiopian Birr on the project and additional 40 billion are needed to finish the project.

The committee emphasized the need to address some of the problems raised by workers as well as questions about infrastructure and compensation to farmers.

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