Commercial operation of largest solar power plant in the world

Commercial operation of largest solar power plant in the world

Emirates Electricity and Water Company has announced the commercial launch of Noor Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest independent solar power plant with a capacity of 1,177 MW.

The project will allow the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to increase its renewable energy production and reduce the use of natural gas in generating electricity, helping to make energy more sustainable and efficient and reduce Abu Dhabi’s carbon emissions by one million metric tons a year, equivalent to removing 200,000 cars from the streets of the emirate.

Noor Abu Dhabi is a joint venture between the Government of Abu Dhabi and a consortium of Marubeni of Japan and China’s Jinko Solar Holding Company, in the Suweihan area of ​​Abu Dhabi, and with a total cost of AED 3.2 billion (US $ 870 million).

The plant has more than 3.2 million solar panels installed on an area of ​​8 square kilometers, apart from the size of the site. Noor Abu Dhabi recorded a new record at the time of bidding, attracting the world’s most competitive tariff of 8.888 fils per KW-hour. The number of workers at the site during the peak of the construction operations reached more than 2,900 people.

Mohammed Hassan Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Emirates Water and Electricity, said that the plant will reduce the carbon footprint of power generation by 70%, in line with the strategy of transitioning the sector by providing alternative energy sources that can help maintain the sustainability of the water and electricity sectors.

Uthman Jumaa Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Water and Electricity, said that Abu Dhabi’s potential will enable it to execute world-class energy projects. Noor Abu Dhabi will also contribute to the renewable energy sector by increasing the existing solar power generation capacity in Abu Dhabi from 110 MW to 1,287 MW, as well as the potential for a continued increase in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

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