Commercial operation of Haiyang nuclear in China

Commercial operation of Haiyang nuclear in China

The full commercial operation of the first phase of the nuclear power plant in east China’s Shandong Province has been launched and is expected to help improve the energy mix and local environment.

The Haiyang nuclear power plant’s No. 2 reactor in Haiyang city ended 7 days of continuous operation on January 10th, which indicates the plant’s commercial operation.

With the addition of the new plant, a total of 46 nuclear reactors are operational in the Chinese mainland, with a total capacity of 45 gigawatts.

The total investment of the Haiyang nuclear plant reached 80 billion yuan (US $ 11.7 billion) and was designed to include six reactor units. Its first phase includes two reactors with a capacity of 1.25 GW each, with reactor unit number 1 running in late October last year.

The first phase could generate 20 billion kilowatts of electricity per year to meet electricity demand for one-third of households in Shandong Province, which has a large population, according to the company.

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