CNNC vice president becomes GM of CGN

CNNC vice president becomes GM of CGN

Following the major personnel changes in  power and oil and gas sectors in China, the personnel of energy enterprises once again ushered in important changes. On January 20, the relevant responsible of the SASAC announced the adjustment of relevant cadres at CGN: Yang Changli will serve as the deputy secretary, director, and general manager of CGN. Prior to his reassignment, Yang Changli served as Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear Corporation.

All previous resumes of Yang Changli were with China National Nuclear Corporation. In the early days, he mainly worked in uranium enrichment-related enterprises and institutes in the upstream of the nuclear fuel cycle. In July 2006, Yang Changli was promoted to Deputy General Manager of China National Nuclear Corporation. During his time at CNNC, Yang Changli was in charge of the nuclear fuel cycle. He had also been responsible for the safety, quality, and scientific research of the group.

The nuclear fuel cycle mainly includes front-end mining, enrichment, fuel element manufacturing, and post-processing. China National Nuclear Corporation is the exclusive supplier of nuclear fuel for all nuclear power plants in China. It has long monopolized the franchise in all aspects of the fuel cycle. It is the only company in China that has the entire nuclear fuel cycle industrial chain. In recent years, CGN has developed uranium resources in overseas countries such as Namibia, Kazakhstan, and Australia, and has expanded the supply of uranium resources required for nuclear power development.

However, it has not yet made breakthroughs in the development of domestic uranium resources, and the uranium resources it has acquired overseas currently also needs to be processed by upstream companies of CNNC to make nuclear fuel and then sold to China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN).

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