CNNC unveils the new Sino-French fusion research center

CNNC unveils the new Sino-French fusion research center

On January 12, 2018, CNNC Southwest Institute of Physics and the CEA, China International Fusion Energy Program Implementation Center and the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly established the China-France fusion joint research center.

The center was established by the agreement between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the CEA and was operated jointly by four institutions. It is understood that in November 2017, both governments signed a China-France fusion joint research center implementation agreement. Both parties decided to set up a joint research center to carry out further pragmatic cooperation in such key areas as ITER procurement package performance testing and commissioning of ITER, key components and technologies of magnetic confinement fusion devices, fusion science and plasma physics experimental research, and next-generation fusion reactor devices.


In the field of fusion, both sides have been cooperating for more than twenty years. They conducted extensive exchanges in areas such as nuclear fusion plasma control, diagnosis, heating and plasma simulation, and jointly established the nuclear fusion field collaborative laboratory. Recently, CNNC also conducted exchanges and cooperation with the French West Tokamak unit which started operation in France. The French side also achieved satisfactory results in nuclear fusion feeding, diagnosis, experiment and transportation research.

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