CNNC set up the Environmental Protection Company

CNNC set up  the Environmental Protection Company

The Party Central Committee decided recently that protection of the environment was a national strategic priority. On December 26, CNNC set up an Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. in Beijing to respond to the national development concept.


Mr. Wang Yi Ren, deputy director of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and member of the party group; Mr. Mu Zhanying, chairman of the board of supervisors of the State Council in CNNC; Mr. Wang Shoujun, president of CNNC; Mr. Qian Zhimin, general manager and deputy party secretary of the party branch; Mr. Li Qingtang, deputy general manager as well as the leaders of relevant state ministries and commissions, fraternal units and universities jointly painted a new blueprint on the plaque of “CNNC Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.”.

Mr. Yang Changli, member of the party group and vice general manager of CNNC, presided over the founding meeting.


Chairman and party secretary of this newly-established Mr. Wu Xiujiang introduced that the new company under CNNC will mainly promote the headquarters’ environmental protection industry, to improve core competitiveness, to cultivate a new economic growth point.

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