CNNC push forward Xudapu nuclear power project

CNNC push forward Xudapu nuclear power project

After 5 months of joint efforts from relevant departments such as Liaoning Nuclear Power and the Provincial Department of Eco-Environment of Liaoning Province, on February 20, the current scheme for environmental functional district planning of the offshore area near Xudapu nuclear power project was completed and approved.

The adjustment scheme is a prerequisite for EIA review and approval of Xudapu Unit 3 and 4. It is extremely difficult and has always been the hardest to cope with in the supporting documents for nuclear power project files. CNNC attaches great importance to it, and on November 7, 2019, it communicated constantly with Liaoning Provincial Government to jointly promote the environmental function planning of the offshore area of Xudapu Nuclear Power Plant, which received strong support from the Liaoning Provincial Government.

The obtaining of documents is an important milestone in the project progress.

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