CNNC and New AREVA talks for two days?

CNNC and New AREVA talks for two days?


  • Release Date: May 19, 2017

On May 16, CNNC president Mr. Wang Shoujun received a delegation of the New AREVA, led by its CEO, Mr. Philippe Knoche. Two sides reached a major consensus in further promoting the cooperation in the nuclear fuel cycle industry and also made an arrangement for the next move.


In 2015 CNNC signed the cooperative agreements with the French company regarding the nuclear fuel cycle project. It shall recycle 800 tons spent fuel for the domestic nuclear power plant each year and the total project investments reach 100 Billion Chinese Yuan (14.58 Billion USD).


Both sides had already two meetings in the CNNC headquarters on May 15th, for the 20th Session of the Top Management Coordination Council and the Management Committee of the Industry Cooperation. Two parties concluded the latest updates of the nuclear fuel cycle project and exchanged opinions on the next activities.


The Deputy General Manager of CNNC Mr. Yang Changli, the Senior Executive Vice President Mr. Guillaume Dureau and Mr.

Antoine Troesch, as well as the Chairman of China Mr. Philippe Hatron attended the meeting.


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