CNNC invests in nuclear talents training

CNNC invests in nuclear talents training

China’s first higher vocational college in the nuclear section was officially established in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province.

On June 5th, China Nuclear Skilled Talent Training Base and also the first group of national high-skilled personnel Training Base – Guangyuan CNNC Vocational and Technical College unveiled in Sichuan Guangyuan New Campus, marking the merely higher vocational colleges in Nuclear Industry, 100% invested by CNNC, was formally established.

Guangyuan CNNC Vocational and Technical College is a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation. Its predecessor was an independently established adult university– Sichuan Nuclear Industry Workers University, which was approved by former State Education Commission in March 1996. March 1, 2019, Sichuan People’s Government approved the restructuring of this Workers’ University into Guangyuan CNNC Vocational and Technical College.

This college will systematically train high-quality technical and skilled talents that are suitable for the nuclear industry and local development, in the aspects of engineering, technology, management, etc. It will have the unique courses ranging from “Nuclear Power Plant Power Equipment Operation and Maintenance, Electromechanical Equipment Installation Technology, Electrical Automation Technology, Welding Technology and Automation, Engineering Measurement Technology to Safety Technology and Management”.

After graduation, students will be employed in various member units of CNNC. At present, the school has more than 100 faculty members, 41 teachers with higher professional titles and above, and 19 teachers with master’s degrees or above. In addition, there are 32 experts appointed by CNNC, including 2 experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council and 8 chief technical experts from China National Nuclear Corporation.


NβN tip: Guangyuan CNNC Vocational and Technical College is a comprehensive vocational education college integrating diversified, multi-level and multi-school education, integrating general higher education, technician training and vocational skills appraisal.

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