CNNC get an infusion of fresh blood

CNNC get an infusion of fresh blood


  • Release Date: December 14, 2016

On December 12, the Medium-high Level Management Staff Meeting of CNNC was launched in the Headquarters. Mr. Gao Xuanmin, the deputy minister of the Organization of the Central Government announced in the meeting the leadership change decision of CNNC: the previous president of CNNC-Mr. Sunqin retired and quit from CNNC leadership; while the previous China Nuclear E&C Group (CNEC) president Mr. Wang Shoujun relay Sun Qin’s administration with the new title of CNNC president and secretary of party committee.

Mr. Wang Shoujun, born in 1955, was from a nuclear construction system background. He used to work at CNNC headquarters before it was split into CNNC and CNEC. Afterwards, he was assigned as the deputy general manager of CNEC and then CNNC. In 2007, the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) was established and Mr. Wang Shoujun took the leadership as the vice president and general manager. In 2012, he was transferred to CNEC to be the general manager and then  as the President.

To CNNC and Mr. Sun Qin, the most significant legacy left to the new leadership is the Hualong No.1. At the present, Hualong Demonstration Project is still under construction. However, the Hualong Company still has not had a definite positioning in the nuclear market as the technological convergence progress has not reached the expectation yet. For the successor of CNNC, he will face both great challenges and opportunities in his term.



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