CNNC Geothermal Projects in Tibet

CNNC Geothermal Projects in Tibet

Chen Hua, Chairman of the Board of China Nuclear Power Company, CNNC (Tibet) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with CNNC KunHua Energy Development Co., Ltd. on the development and operation of the clean energy projects in Tibet. This is a successful integration of CNNC’s resources in geothermal development, laying a solid foundation for CNNC Group’s expansion of Tibetan geothermal industry projects.


According to the agreement, the Tibetan company was commissioned by CNNC KunHua to carry out the development of geothermal and other clean energy projects in Tibet. The Tibetan company will use its geographical advantages, actively coordinate the relevant local government departments responsible for the daily procedures required for the operation, project development and construction. CNNC KunHua Energy will be able to act as the geothermal specialized investment platforms to accelerate investment in geothermal projects in Tibet.

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