CNNC expectations for Hangzhou City

CNNC expectations for Hangzhou City

On December 12, Huang Mingang, chief economic manager of CNNC, met with Zhang Zhenfeng, secretary of the Yuhang District Party Committee of Hangzhou city in Zhejiang Province, at the headquarters in Beijing, for the promotion on relevant cooperation between two sides.

Huang Mingang introduced the restructuring of CNNC and the status of related industries developed in Zhejiang. According to him, Zhejiang is the starting point of China’s nuclear power and CNNC will in future improve its training capabilities for R&D and NPP operators, and actively promote energy mix optimization in Zhejiang and support to achieve the construction of clean energy demonstration province. He emphasized it will further implement the signing of the framework agreements for relevant cooperation projects.

Zhang Zhenfeng said that Hangzhou has developed well in recent years and hopes to actively play its regional advantages and better support CNNC’s related industries in Hangzhou.

NβN tip: Hangzhou City has unique regional advantages, located along Southeast coast of China. Its industrial size and effectiveness are in steady growth. And it takes scientific development as the main theme and focus on adjusting the economic structures. Therefore, it attracts lots of large-scale enterprises to invest there.

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