CNNC cooperation with China’s universities

CNNC cooperation with China’s universities

In a very short period, CNNC signed a series of deep strategic cooperation agreements respectively with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Harbin Engineering University, aiming at jointly promoting the development of advanced nuclear technology and achieving industrialization in nuclear field. Yu Jianfeng, Chairman of CNNC, and Gu Jun, the general manager went to the university to witness and sign the agreements.

In addition, President Xi Jinping pointed out at the second meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Committee in July that it is necessary to promote the integration of production, education and research and essential to support leading enterprises to incorporate research institutes, universities and colleges into an innovative consortium.

In the next move, CNNC will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with some key research institutes in the field of nuclear science and technology, and strengthen cross-disciplinary integration and synergy between upstream and downstream of nuclear industry, and gradually establish a world-influenced industry-university research and technology innovation system.


NβN tip: CNNC is seeking for the industrialization of nuclear program and it stress the innovation and technology improvement. Nuclear Talent training and sponsoring is essential in its strategy in a long run.

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