CNNC Consortium was awarded an ITER contract

CNNC Consortium was awarded an ITER contract

According to the latest news released by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER*) organization and the Sino-French consortium led by CNNC officially signed the No. 1 Contract (TAC1) for host computer installation of ITER program. At present, the preparatory team of the project has completed the preparations and plans to go to France for preliminary work at the end of October.

As China’s nuclear power technology continues to make breakthroughs, many countries have also sought cooperation with China. In the past five years, China has signed agreements with Pakistan, Argentina, France, the United Kingdom to jointly build nuclear power plants. The data shows that among the countries and regions that have reached the infrastructure cooperation with China, there are more than 20 countries that plan to develop nuclear power in the future. The estimated investment amount would exceed US$1 trillion.


*ITER program is currently one of the largest international scientific research cooperation projects in the world. It is jointly promoted by seven countries including China. The importance of TAC1 installation engineering is equivalent to the human heart. This TAC1 is the largest nuclear energy project contract that Chinese companies have bid for in the European market. It is also the first time that Chinese nuclear energy enterprises have participated in international science projects in the form of general contracting.

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