CNNC consolidates cooperation with CHN Energy

CNNC consolidates cooperation with CHN Energy

On December 29, by witness of president Yu Jianfeng of China National Nuclear Corporation and Wang Xiangxi, President of CHN Energy, CNNC deputy general manager Li Qingtang and his counterparts in CHN Energy Gao Song signed a consolidated strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of each party. They agreed to deepen strategic cooperation relations in the fields of project development, technological innovation, overseas market expansion, talent training, and operation management and so on.

According to the deal, CNNC and CHN Energy will give full play to their advantages in industries, resources, technology, talents, markets and technological innovation to carry out comprehensive, wide-ranging, multi-level strategic cooperation and share resources and information to further develop both domestic and foreign markets.

* CHN Energy owns 8 industry pillars including coal, thermal power, new energy, hydropower, transportation, chemicals, technology and environmental protection, and finance. It is the world’s largest coal production company, thermal power company, wind power company and coal-to-liquids coal chemical company.

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