CNNC commercial approach in Chile: from radiopharmaceuticals to SMR

CNNC commercial approach in Chile: from radiopharmaceuticals to SMR

Patricio Aguilera, Executive Director of the Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy (CCHEN) received a delegation of China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) headed by its Vice President Jian Ding. This visit illustrates CNNC commercial approach in Chile, from radiopharmaceuticals to SMR (Small Modular Reactors).


In the eighties, China founded a company for the production of radioisotopes for the medical area. It has the capacity for scientific studies and production. Distributed throughout China, for which CNNC installed production points in different places so that it could be transported in sufficient time to different areas. ” The potential of this line of services has been exploited in China. CNNC export radiopharmaceuticals, mainly to Southeast Asian countries and also export and implement production facilities for them.


The Chinese delegation  addressed the opportunities in lithium issues, applications for human health, detection of radioactivity and biological control, as well as training of human capital and even associative development of modular SMR.  Jian Ding referred to one of the most contingent issues “We have devoted a lot of time to the production of lithium isotopes, including lithium 6 and lithium 7. “


Jian Ding explained some of the characteristics of CNNC main model, the ACP100,  100% design of the group, which is built in the Hainan Island. The ACP100 will be used for heating and water desalination applications.

The visit to the Commission included a circuit for facilities at the nuclear research centers La Reina and Lo Aguirre, where scientific and technological laboratories and production facilities were presented. During the tour, they were able to learn about the production cells of radiopharmaceuticals designed and built in Chile, the research laboratories in physical sciences, linked and internationally recognized and the plant that manufactures the fuel of the Chilean nuclear reactor, one of the few in the region. among other national activities of high technological value.

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