CNNC and SEC meet to win more international markets

CNNC and SEC meet to win more international markets

On January 8, 2019, Chairman Yu Jianfeng of CNNC met with Zheng Jianhua, Chairman of Shanghai Electric, and Huang Ou, President of the Board of Directors at Shanghai Electric at the headquarters of CNNC Group. Two sides exchanged in deep on strengthening strategic cooperation, expanding and deepening cooperation areas, and “going out” together. A consensus is reached. Li Qingtang, deputy general manager of CNNC, accompanied.

Yu Jianfeng said that CNNC and Shanghai Electric have a solid foundation for cooperation. They have a high degree of strategic fit and industry complementarity in the areas of military-civilian integration and nuclear power “going out Strategy. It is hoped that they could establish closer ties with each other, carry out strategic collaboration on the basis of existing cooperation projects, give play to their advantages, and jointly develop the international market to realize the “going out” of relevant integrated industries in nuclear power sector.

Zheng Jianhua said that in the future, Shanghai Electric will closely focus on CNNC’s main industry and business strategy to expand and deepen cooperation areas of both sides, and solidly promote the implementation of related projects.

Li Xiaoming, Chairman of CNEC, accompanied the meeting, the Department of Industry Development and International Cooperation of CNNC, Zhongyuan Company, and CNPE attended the meeting.

NβN tip: The trends of Civil-Military Integration and « Nuclear going out » spurs many public and private companies to join hands and achieve complementary win-win.

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